True Love is in the Little Things

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True Love is in the Little Things | Get Inspired Everyday!

Sometimes Valentine’s Day just gets on my nerves. In theory it’s a great idea, because another day to celebrate love is always a good thing. But all the commercialization can really take away from that.

Just last week and ad came on the radio asking if ‘you’re ready for Valentine’s Day?’. From there the narrator went on to guilt us the listeners into buying something for our loved ones. I mean… this is a direct quote – ‘you know it’s expected, you know you should, and you know you want to’.

The first thing I noticed was that ‘want to’ was last on the list which completely defeats the point. I guess that just doesn’t sound like love to me, in fact the words ‘expected’ and ‘should’ don’t define true love at all.

I firmly believe that true love is in the little things.

To me some of the best things in life are giving and doing something from the heart for your friends, family, or spouse. It doesn’t have to be a big fancy gesture or gift, just something heartfelt. I know I don’t want chocolates or flowers because of a certain day, it’s the feeling behind the gesture that means everything to me! Taking time out of your day to do a little something extra for someone special in your life brings a completely different feeling than doing something from the place of expectations.

So all that being said, what are we doing for Valentine’s Day this year? Well not to be too boring, but probably not much. It falls on a Tuesday this year, and both our work schedule’s will be jam packed. We’ll probably eat leftovers from my freelance recipe testing project, maybe break out some chocolate, and call it a day.

There’s absolutely no pressure to have a perfect Valentine’s Day because we’re having a date night 3 nights in a row this weekend. Things have been absolutely crazy for the past month, and we’re both getting tired of leftovers every single day.

So I’m cooking some of his favorite foods upon request, (menu listed below). We have tons of things to get done over the next couple of days, and there’s no adventure or travel in sight for this weekend. So we decided to make all the boring stuff more bearable, we’d knock off early every night to cook our favorite foods together.

Creamy Tuscan Sun Dried Tomato Pasta with Italian Sausage | Get Inspired Everyday!

Weekend Date Night Menus:

Chocolate Truffle Raspberries | Get Inspired Everyday!

As our culture evolves and changes, it seems like there’s more and more pressure to have the ‘perfect life’. A set of perfectly glossy Instagram photos encasing about 10% of real life. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s all too easy to fall into the comparison trap while looking at someone’s else’s highlight reel. We can often feel like we’re somehow missing out, instead of being inspired.

But the real meaty things in life are often the moments in between those images. Those uncaptured/undocumented moments that live on in our memory as the best times in our life. And while I love capturing photos for as much of life as I can, I’ve been more aware than ever that the best things in life are the everyday moments.

True love – it’s definitely in the little things… the everyday things… the kind of things that most often go undocumented. It’s a good conversation with an old friend, or a random hug or kind word from someone you love. Or it’s coming home from a week long work trip to find that your husband has cleaned the house, done laundry (including the sheets), paid the bills, and just generally spent his entire day off making our home a better place for me to come back to. From where I’m sitting, no amount of chocolate or flowers compares to someone doing something for you from the heart!

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