Paleo Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

This Paleo Thanksgiving Dinner Menu is complete with extra inspiration for sides and desserts!

Paleo Thanksgiving Dinner Menu | Get Inspired Everyday!

So today’s Thanksgiving spread happened quite by accident! This year I was not going to go all out and get crazy with too many recipes. In past years I’ve sometimes worn myself out so much making holiday recipes, that when the actual holiday arrives, I don’t make anything at all.

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Pumpkin Thai Curry

This Pumpkin Thai Curry is creamy and luscious thanks to the creamy pumpkin in the sauce!

Pumpkin Thai Curry | Get Inspired Everyday!

When I was thinking of something pumpkin to make this year, I decided to do something savory for a change. There’s just something about pumpkin that always makes me think of desserts. However, pumpkin really lends itself well to so many things outside just desserts!

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Cobalt Lake in Glacier National Park

Cobalt Lake in Glacier National Park is a stunning destination that includes Rockwell Falls along the way!

Cobalt Lake in Glacier National Park | Get Inspired Everyday!

The day with hiked to Cobalt Lake in Glacier National Park was extra spectacular. The day started off with fog and snow in August, but the sun quickly came out, and the views were stunning all around.

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Bacon Wrapped Ranch Chicken

This Bacon Wrapped Ranch Chicken will quickly become a household staple because it’s such a crowd pleaser and super simple to make!

Bacon Wrapped Ranch Chicken | Get Inspired Everyday!

I love anything ranch, and so today I have a brand new recipe for any of you that love ranch too. This recipe is inspired by a friend who had us over for dinner a few weeks ago. She made roasted pork chops, potatoes, and asparagus.

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How I Meal Prep in the Fall

We’re back with more seasonal meal prep inspiration with how I meal prep in the fall!

How I Meal Prep in the Fall | Get Inspired Everyday!

Today is the final season in the seasonal meal prepping series I started last year. I’ve included all my current favorite recipes below, as well as things I’ll be cooking in weeks to come. So I hope you’ll find some inspiration, and be sure and leave me a comment letting me know what types of meal prepping you’d like to see more of!

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Paleo Caramel Apple Blondies

These Paleo Caramel Apple Blondies are the perfect celebration of apple season. They’re decadent with a hint of cinnamon and gluten free as well.

Paleo Caramel Apple Blondies | Get Inspired Everyday!

The beginning of fall for me always starts with apple season! I know many people are super excited about pumpkin, but for me my go-to fall flavor has always been apple. And what’s more fall inspired than caramel and apple together?

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Sweet Potato Sausage Apple Hash

This Sweet Potato Sausage Apple Hash is the perfect egg free breakfast. It’s also perfect for meal prepping and wonderful with an over easy egg on top as well for a variation.

Sweet Potato Sausage Apple Hash | Get Inspired Everyday!

This is my new favorite meal prepping kind of breakfast. Not that you can’t just make a pan and eat it right away, but I like to make 2 full pans for just the 2 of us. That way I can refrigerate a lot of leftovers to reheat throughout the week for quick and easy breakfasts.

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Paleo Honey Mustard Trail Mix

This Paleo Honey Mustard Trail Mix will be your new go-to for healthy snacking with it’s addictive sweet and savory flavors.

Paleo Honey Mustard Trail Mix | Get Inspired Everyday!

As it would happen, trying to get just the right amount of honey mustard flavor in this snack mix was a little tricky. In the end I tried several different things which was worth it to end up with the right savory sweet combo. I’ve been wanting to make a snack/trail mix for a while now. And it’s been great for everyday snacking and weekend adventures.

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Rockwell Falls in Glacier National Park

For a gorgeous shorter hike, try adding Rockwell Falls in Glacier National Park to your list. There’s beautiful views, and of course a gorgeous waterfall as well.

Rockwell Falls in Glacier National Park | Get Inspired Everyday!

Rockwell Falls wasn’t our main destination for the day, but it was so magical when we got there it was definitely hard to leave. We were actually heading for Two Medicine Pass, and knew we’d be seeing both Rockwell Falls and Cobalt Lake as well.

We loved all 3 destinations so much, I highly recommend any and all. To do everything, you’re looking at 17-19 miles give or take depending on how many side trips you take. So with that in mind, Rockwell Falls all by itself makes a great short(ish) day hike.

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