First of all, you may be thinking; what is a host? Basically, a host is a company that will provide you with a server to store your website name and website files. The server, they are essentially renting to you, is sort of like a digital filing cabinet where you can store webpages. They also make your website available to the world wide web(www).

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Bluehost is probably one of the best hosting service providers you could have for any small – medium size blog or website. They offer a reliable service while still keeping the price competitive. They also offer free domain names with hosting packages. We highly recommend them because our experience with their customer service was phenomenal. Check out this video to see what makes them so great.

You can read more about their features at –  Why Choose Bluehost?


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Media Temple

We are currently using Media Temple as our host because we are a WordPress Multisite which requires more online space. They are great for medium to larger size blogs that get lots of traffic. Media Temple has up to 6 levels of scaleability on their dedicated servers. That means they offer lots of room to grow. The plan we are on right now is called – (dv) Dedicated-Virtual 4.5 Level 1. This includes 30GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, and 1TB network transfer.

*Update* – May 13, 2013

So, “the proof is in the pudding”; this saying sure is applicable here. I was checking into our blog’s average time to download a page using Google Webmaster Tools, and I noticed something very interesting. Since we’ve switched to Media Temple, our average download time has been much faster. A good load time is less then 1000 milliseconds(1 second). So, I was happy to see that our average loading time was around 500 milliseconds. That’s much better then the 4,688 millisecond spike we had in February. Yikes!

Before we switched to Media Temple, we were on a shared hosting plan with, lets say “company x”. The results clearly show on each graph, the benefits of having a dedicated server with Media Temple. You can see that in February and part of March, our load times were all over the graph. Then, at about the end of the first week in March, the load time bottoms out at zero. That’s when we made the switch. After that, you can see the load times are a lot more steady and consistently below 1 second. A host that can provide you with consistency like this, is important and often overlooked. It’s important because; if Google searches your site, and your page load times are slow, then your site will not get ranked as high in Google’s search results for being slow. Which is obviously bad for people finding you, and will greatly impact the traffic on your site.

 🙁 Before Media Temple

Company X vs. Media Temple hosting May 7 2009 -Before

Company X vs. Media Temple hosting May 7 2009 -

After we switched to Media Temple

Company X vs. Media Temple hosting May 7 2009 -After

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