banh mi burger bowls

gluten free |paleo | dairy free

all the flavors of the classic banh mi sandwich piled into a delicious burger bowls that's easy enough to make for weeknight dinners!

step 1

start by prepping all your veggies. I like to use a pre-washed spring mix to speed things up.

step 2

next up mix together the sriracha mayo and set it aside in the refrigerator.

step 3

chop up the fresh herbs and set them aside with the veggies. If you have lots of fresh herbs, use all 3 listed. Otherwise I just get 1 bunch of cilantro which is more affordable.

step 4

Preheat the grill. next mix together the pork burger patties and portion them evenly into 4 patties.

step 5

grill the pork patties until they're ready to turn. Flip the burgers and cook just until done.

step 6

Serve the burger patties hot off the grill along with the veggies and the sriracha mayo so each person can assemble their own burger bowl. We sometimes add steamed rice or rice noodles for a bigger meal, and it's so tasty!


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