best chicken Marinade

10 flavorful recipes!

no more boring dinners with 10 chicken marinade recipes to choose from, and they work in both the oven and on the grill!

step 1

start by choosing which marinade you'd like to make, pictured here are the ingredients for the Greek Lemon. You can also meal prep batches of any flavor to have handy in the freezer!

step 2

add all of the marinade ingredients to your container of choice. I use freezer bags for meal prepping, and pyrex glass containers to marinate overnight in the fridge. Stasher bags work great.

step 3

add the chicken to the marinade ingredients and turn to thoroughly coat the chicken. (boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs work here.)

step 4

Be sure to label the finished marinade if it's going in the freezer! Otherwise refrigerate overnight or at least 1 hour.

step 5

when you're ready to cook the chicken, choose either the baking or the grilling instructions.

You'll find lots of ideas for how to turn these marinades into simple dinners as well like this Balsamic Italian Chicken with grilled veggies or...

...this Greek lemon chicken grilled then sliced and served over my greek salad - so good! There's also a jerk chicken with mango salsa and so much more over in the post.

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