grilled pineapple

gluten free |paleo | dairy free

cinnamon glazed grilled pineapple makes the tastiest healthy dessert no one can turn down, especially topped with coconut ice cream!

step 1

start by mixing together the cinnamon syrup mixture for the glaze and preheat the grill.

step 2

next we'll start prepping the pineapple by cutting off both the top and the bottom.

step 3

then cut away the pineapple skin being careful to cut away all of the 'eyes'.

step 4

Cut the pineapple into 1 inch thick slices. then use a cookie cutter or sharp pairing knife to cut the core out.

step 5

grill the pineapple on both sides trying to maintain a temperature that creates nice caramelized grill marks.

enjoy as is right off the grill or...

... top with vanilla or coconut ice cream!


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