vegan cookie dough

ice cream sandwiches

2 layers of chocolate chip cookie dough sandwiched around coconut ice cream and dipped in melted chocolate, these ice cream sandwiches are simply decadent!

step 1

start by mixing together the cookie dough, then pat it into a flat rectangle before cutting the rectangle into 2 pieces.

step 2

Next scoop the softened ice cream onto 1 rectangle of cookie dough and spread it evenly.

step 3

top the ice cream with the 2nd rectangle of cookie dough and freeze until firm.

step 4

after the ice cream sandwiches are firm, cut into bars and freeze again while you melt the chocolate.

step 5

finally dip each ice cream sandwich into melted chocolate and lay the sandwiches on a parchment lined baking sheet.

step 6

drizzle any extra chocolate over the ice cream sandwiches and freeze again until firm or until you're ready to serve them.


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