mashed cauliflower

gluten free | paleo | dairy free

creamy mashed cauliflower is an incredible healthy side dish that just so happens to be low carb too!

step 1

You can make this recipe with frozen riced cauliflower which is my favorite way to make this, but you'll also find instructions for how to make it with a head of cauliflower.

step 2

if you're using a head of cauliflower, start by cutting it up into florets.

step 3

then we're going to sauté the garlic in the butter, olive oil or you can use vegan butter as well.

step 4

then we're going to add the liquids and the cauliflower. you can see here I'm using the cauliflower rice.

step 5

next the key step is to simmer until the liquid evaporates. this concentrates the creaminess and makes a thicker mash.

step 6

the final step is to place the mixture into a food processor and process until smooth like mashed potatoes.


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