Creamy Tomato Pasta

Just 15 minutes!

quick and easy to make, this creamy tomato pasta is the perfect comfort food topped with freshly grated parmesan and parsley or a handful of fresh basil.

step 1

prep all the ingredients listed, you'll find all my tips and substitutions over on the blog.

step 2

Start by dicing up the onion and using a garlic press to mince the garlic.

step 3

Next, sauté the onion and garlic over medium to medium-low heat until they're entirely softened.

step 4

Deglaze the pan with the optional white wine, simmer briefly, and then add the diced tomatoes and tomato paste.

step 5

Break up the tomato paste a bit with the back of a wooden spoon, then add the heavy cream to the pan.

step 6

Stir to completely combine the tomato paste with the sauce while you bring it to a simmer. Simmer over very low heat until the flavors are combined and the onion is very soft for 8-10 minutes.

step 7

When the pasta and sauce are done, toss them together while lightly simmering to allow the sauce to adhere to the pasta.

step 8

Serve immediately with fresh parmesan and chopped basil when in season.

3 key tips

1. add chicken or shrimp to this pasta for a complete meal.

2. try the optional white wine suggestion for depth of flavor and restaurant results!

3. use shapes like penne or farfalle for a change of pace from fettuccine or tagliatelle.


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