crispy buffalo

chicken salad (gf)

all the best flavors of the classic wings made into a crispy chicken buffalo dinner salad with creamy ranch and crunchy veggies!

step 1

start by dicing and thinly slicing the veggies for the salad. Then place all the salad ingredients into a large serving bowl.

step 2

choose your favorite ranch or blue cheese dressing, or make your own following my easy Blender ranch dressing, (bonus that it's dairy free)!

step 3

use a food processor to quickly make the pork rind crumbs. This keeps the chicken gluten free and nut free, but you can use panko crumbs as well. Pork rinds make a super crispy crust.

step 4

then dip the chicken into the egg mixture, and next dredge it in the crumbs before pan frying until done in the center and crispy.

step 5

serve the crispy chicken drizzled with the buffalo sauce, salad and ranch dressing.


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