Curry Chicken Salad

easy and fresh, this curried chicken salad makes the perfect lunch or light dinner with juicy diced mango or sweet grapes.

step 1

Start by measuring out the ingredients listed. You'll find all the substitutions and tips on the blog.

step 2

Next prep all the veggies. To dice celery, cut the stalks lengthwise into thin strips, then thinly slice across the strips to create small diced pieces.

step 3

Then grate the carrots, slice the green onions, and chop the cilantro. Add all the prepped veggies to a mixing bowl.

step 4

Add the veggies to a bowl along with the cooked diced chicken and pour the curried dressing over the top.

step 5

Mix the chicken salad together well to combine. Then season to taste with additional sea salt and black pepper if needed. You can refrigerate at this point up to 1 day ahead of time.

step 6

When you’re ready to serve the chicken salad, add the fresh diced mango or any of the other fruit options listed in the recipe.

step 7

Serve this curry chicken salad on a bed of baby spinach, spring mix, or arugula. I like to add chopped roasted cashews when I serve this on greens. Or serve as a sandwich, wrap, or with crackers.


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