buttercream lotion

clean skin care | diy | homemade

this easy lotion is perfect for super smooth skin and is perfectly hydrating and moisturizing.

Measure out all of the ingredients listed.

step 1:

Melt the jojoba oil, coconut oil, and beeswax together until there's no beeswax visible.

step 2:

The oil mixture will be perfectly clear at this point before the next step of the recipe.

step 3:

Next whisk in the aloe vera gel and the oil mixture will become slightly cloudy but still not thick.

step 4:

stir the lotion over an ice bath until it thickens to help it emulsify. the color will change to a light yellow at this point.

step 5:

Then transfer the finished lotion to a pump container of choice using a funnel.

step 6: