summer Gluten free

cheese board

simple with no cooking involved, this easy summer cheeseboard is loaded with fruits, veggies, and it's gluten free too.

step 1

start by choosing 2-3 kinds of cheeses and meats. I like to choose a harder cheese like cheddar along with a spreadable cheese like brie or goat cheese.

step 2

next choose some fruits and veggies to go along with. I like to wrap some melon with prosciutto, and add some cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, cherries or berries too.

step 3

If you have a few minutes, definitely try my marinated mozzarella or herbed goat cheese in the recipe. They're make ahead and so good!

step 4

Finally pile everything onto a large serving platter or board. You can also use 2-3 serving dishes if you're feeding a crowd.

or keep it simple and  pack a picnic for 2!


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