easy green salad


gluten free | vegan | dairy free

simple and family friendly this easy green salad comes with lots of options for different dressing from homemade ranch to balsamic.


step 1

Start by prepping the veggies, wash, then peel the carrots and cucumber if desired.


step 2

Next chop the lettuce and use a salad spinner to wash and spin dry. You can also use pre-washed spring mix as well.


step 3

Then halve the cherry tomatoes, thinly slice the green onions, slice the cucumber, and grate the carrots. You'll find lots of substitution ideas over on the blog.


step 4

Pile the lettuce into a large serving bowl, then top with all the veggies, toss a bit, but leave plenty on top for presentation. Serve with your choice of dressing to compliment your dinner.

3 key tips

1. The freshest produce always tastes best, so try and find what you can from a farmers market when possible.

2. use your favorite bottled dressing as a shortcut.

3. Try the different substitutions listed for seasonal salads.


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