garlic butter chicken thighs

gluten free | whole30 | dairy free

garlic butter chicken thighs made into a easy sheet pan dinner with roasted potatoes and green beans. it's a classic flavor combo the whole family will love!

step 1

Start by assembling all the ingredients. You'll want to take the green beans out of the freezer so they can thaw while you cook

step 2

Next melt the butter or ghee for Whole30 and add the garlic and herbs. Check out the recipe on the blog for my dairy free options as well.

step 3

next cube up the potatoes. I like to use Yukon Golds because they roast the best with the best texture. They come out both fluffy but still moist and not dry like russets.

step 4

spread the cubed potatoes evenly across a large baking sheet, then add the 4 chicken thighs. There's notes in the recipe for how to use boneless skinless chicken breasts.

step 5

mix the salt and pepper into the garlic butter and evenly drizzle it over the chicken thighs and potatoes. Reserve a bit for the green beans.

step 6

roast until mostly done, then add the green beans with the remaining garlic butter. Roast again just until the beans are tender and the chicken is done.

3 key tips

1. use either dried or fresh herbs, either way is delicious so try both!

2. make sure to cut the potatoes big enough to roast at the same time as the chicken

3. try the dairy free options in the recipe, the bacon grease is amazing!


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