strawberry shortcake

gluten free | paleo | grain free

an easy make gluten free and paleo version of the childhood classic, this strawberry shortcake doesn't disappoint!

step 1

start by choosing the ripest berries you can find. Farmers markets are a good bet for the best berries!

step 2

slice the strawberries, then drizzle with a touch of honey. Let the sit to 'macerate' which just means they'll have some juices around them when ready.

step 3

next mix together the dry ingredients for the shortcakes before stirring in the wet ingredients.

step 4

mix just until the shortcake dough comes together.

step 5

then form into biscuits and bake until puffed and just done in the centers. Let the shortcakes cool before you split them.

step 6

finally pile on the juicy berries and coconut whipped cream with a touch more honey if desired and serve.


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