going to the sun road

glacier national park




3 key tips

1. Go through all my tips for getting a reservation.

2. Don't miss all the things you can do if you miss out on a reservation.

3. 25 must-see stops + top 10 hikes on the blog.

Be sure to stop for the famous view from the boat launch at Lake McDonald. And if the weather is good, make time for a chilly swim.

Enjoy the views for the top 25 different stops available along the way. There's nothing but views for the entire 51 miles.

scenic drive

Don't miss the overlook for Wild Goose Island at St. Mary's Lake, it's iconic and definitely worth a photo.

the McDonald Creek views are gorgeous as well, if you have extra time, take the trail along the creek.

You can also stop for any number of incredibly scenic hikes along the way, find our top 10 on the blog.

Take whatever pull-offs are available, then try and hit the ones you missed on the way back through.

Take snacks or a picnic to enjoy along with the scenery.

Sunset is a beautiful time to drive the road, but you'll definitely miss a bit too because it takes at least 2 hours.

stop at any number of pull-offs with water and enjoy a boat ride or a cold swim.

The alpine glow of sunset is great from just about any location along the road, just check my tips for the current closure times.

even if the weather turns on you, there's still plenty to see!

enjoy the wildlife from a safe distance in a parking area from you car.

take a break from driving to enjoy the views

We hope you've enjoyed a taste of driving the famous Going to the Sun Road! All the details are on the blog.