Caprese Chicken

the ultimate easy summer meal! caramelized grilled balsamic chicken topped with a classic caprese salad all made into a meal with a bit of grilled zucchini.

step 1

start by coating the chicken in the balsamic marinade ingredients. Let marinate for at least 1 hour in the fridge but overnight is better for more flavor.

step 2

next, assemble the ingredients for the caprese salad. You can use any ripe tomatoes you'd like, but I've been loving cherry tomatoes lately!

step 3

then preheat the grill while you chop up the ingredients for the caprese salad.

step 4

toss the salad ingredients together and let sit so the flavors can develop. Then slice the zucchini in half lengthwise.

step 5

when the grill is hot, add the chicken and zucchini to the grill and turn the heat down to medium. Grill until the chicken is easy to turn, and there's grill marks on the zucchini.

step 6

turn the chicken and cook until just done, about 10 more minutes. Use an instant-read thermometer for the juiciest chicken so you know exactly when its done!

step 7

serve everything family style, or slice the chicken and arrange it on a plate alongside some zucchini and top with caprese salad if you're entertaining. You can also arrange it this way on a large platter.


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