grilled romaine

strawberry salad

easy to make this showstopper salad is perfect for all occasions from bbq's to family dinners!

step 1

start by making the fennel vinaigrette. I use a mortar and pestle to grind up the fennel seeds, but you can use ground fennel as well. Or if that's not available, try italian seasoning.

step 2

for the romaine hearts, cut then in half down the middle to show the cores. Rinse well and shake a bit to dry before grilling.

step 3

grill the romaine along with the lemons, red onion, and asparagus. the romaine only takes a couple of minutes at most, so keep and eye on it!

step 4

after everything is grilled, let cool slightly so you can slice the onions. And meanwhile slice up the strawberries.

step 5

finally arrange everything on a platter of choice for a composed salad. Or you can chop everything into bite sized pieces and toss like a regular salad.


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