grilled tortilla

pizza margherita

these simple tortillas take just minutes to make on the grill with no cleanup! they're naturally lower in carbs and can be baked in the oven too.

step 1

start by preheating the grill or oven and assemble all your ingredients. I like to use marinara or tomato basil pasta sauce for my tortilla pizzas.

step 2

next spread a thin layer of sauce over the tortilla of your choice. these can be made with regular tortillas, gluten free and grain free tortillas as well.

step 3

then even dot the surface with the torn fresh mozzarella. Or sprinkle grated mozzarella evenly.

step 4

carefully slide the tortilla pizzas onto the preheated grill. slice or tear up the basil in the couple of minutes they cook.

step 5

when the cheese is just melted, carefully slide the pizzas from the grill to a plate or cutting board, (you don't want to loose those toppings!).

step 6

top with fresh basil and serve! These pizzas are infinitely adaptable to whatever toppings you'd like and kids love to assemble their own for a 'make your own pizza party'!


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