healthy greek

chicken meal prep

no more boring lunches with this veggie loaded greek chicken meal prep and creamy dill dressing.

step 1

start by mixing together the ingredients for the greek chicken patties. A touch of grated zucchini adds the perfect amount of moisture and extra veggies!

step 2

Next pan fry the chicken patties and set them aside to cool while you assemble the rest of the salad ingredients.

step 3

then prep all the veggies. You can cut them however you'd like, just keep them bite sized for easy eating.

step 4

make the creamy dill dressing in the blender and portion it out into small containers. I like to use the small mason jars that are about 1/4 cup.

step 5

finally it's time to assemble everything into your containers. I like to use 2-compartment containers to keep the juicy tomatoes away from the greens.

step 6

refrigerate and eat within 4 days!


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