Hiking Trolltunga

(a complete guide)




the trail to the famous trolltunga or 'trolls tongue' in Norway is incredibly scenic along the way.

you'll see glaciers in the distance and alpine tarns along the way to the main viewpoint where you wont' be able to stop taking photos.

beyond scenic

On your way back look for the hidden bench to stop and take in these incredible views.

enjoy the views and be sure to allow plenty of time to get your photo on the troll's tongue!

Head a little further to leave the crowds and find a scenic spot to stop and eat lunch.

Consider making this a backpacking trip if you have the gear, try and spot the white tent above!

If you reach the troll's tongue early enough, you may have enough time for 2 trips out for photos.

After you get your photos, enjoy a leisurely trip back through the varied landscape.

You'll find the complete guide to having the best time + bus schedules over on the blog!

Enjoy the epic views you've definitely earned it!