paleo twix bars

gluten free | vegan | dairy free

easy to make with real food ingredients, these homemade twix bars are a much healthier option using natural coconut sugar. they're gluten free, paleo, and have a dairy free & vegan option too.

step 1

start by measuring out all of the ingredients listed. Then line an 8" baking pan with 2 strips of parchment paper.

step 2

next preheat the oven and mix together the ingredients for the shortbread crust.

step 4

lightly poke holes into the shortbread crust to prevent it from bubbling up. Then bake and chill it before adding the caramel.

step 5

then melt the ingredients for the chocolate layer together and pour it over the chilled caramel filling.

step 6

sprinkle on the sea salt after the chocolate layer is just beginning to set up. Then chill for 3-4 hours before slicing into bars.

3 key tips

1. be sure to reduce the caramel to 1 cup or it won't set up properly.

2.  make these ahead and freeze for parties.

3. be ready to give them away as soon as possible because there's no such thing as self control around these!


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