Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry


veggie packed | healthy | gluten free

easy to make and perfect for family dinner, this honey garlic chicken stir fry is loaded with veggies and protein.


step 1

Start by measuring out the ingredients listed. you'll find more tips and substitutions on the blog. You can use any mix of veggies to make up the measurement listed.


step 2

whisk together the ingredients for the sauce making sure the cornstarch/tapioca is completely mixed in. Add the honey, stir, and set aside.


step 3

Next chop all the veggies before you begin to cook the stir fry. It will come together quickly, so you want to have everything prepped first.


step 4

To begin cooking the stir fry, saute the chicken until browned and just done, (still juicy) then remove it from the pan and set it aside.


step 5

Saute the garlic. Then Add the veggies to the pan and stir fry over medium high to high heat, stirring only as the veggies begin to brown. You want the pan to be very hot and sear the veggies, but not smoking.


step 6

When the veggies are crisp tender, add the chicken back to the pan, and stir to combine. Finally add the sauce and cook briefly just to combine and allow the sauce to thicken.


step 7

Serve the stir fry immediately with your favorite side dish. We love this stir fry with freshly steamed Jasmine rice, cauliflower rice, and sometimes roasted sweet potatoes as well.

3 key tips

1. vary the veggies you use to change up this stir fry infinitely.

2. try the variations in my stir fry sauce to change things up (lemon/ginger & sweet chili are favorites).

3. You can also use ground turkey or ground pork in this recipe as well.


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