Honey sriracha


shrimp sushi bowls

perfect for at home sushi nights, this sriracha honey combo is always a favorite!


step 1

Start by getting the rice steaming. While it's cooking we'll start by thinly slicing up the cucumbers.


step 2

Next we'll cut the mango into small dice so there's more mango in each bite.


step 3

then we'll mix together the honey and sriracha for the shrimp. If your honey is solid, melt it over low heat before mixing in the sriracha.


step 4

when everything else is ready, it's time to cook the shrimp. Cook just until done adding the sauce at the end of the cooking time.


step 5

serve everything family style so each person can assemble their own bowl, and don't forget to add some torn up nori over the top. (If you're feeding anyone new to sushi, go slow with the nori!)


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