How to make a Smoothie

 with 35+ recipes to choose from!

find the perfect smoothie formula for great results every time + 35 recipes, and tips for freezer smoothie packs and how to add superfoods to your smoothie!

step 1

Measure out each of the ingredients for the smoothie recipe you want, and choose which fruit you'll use as your frozen ingredient.

step 2

Choose from any superfood you want to add, all my tips and how to pair a superfood to each smoothie is on the blog.

step 3

add all of the smoothie ingredients to a blender with the frozen ingredients on top.

blend until smooth and enjoy! You'll find recipes for fruit smoothies, green smoothie, no banana smoothies and more.

Or use my perfect smoothie formula to make smoothies with whatever you have on hand!

Learn how to make your own freezer smoothie packs for super quick and easy smoothies that are budget friendly!

And find all my tips for how to add superfoods like spirulina, bee pollen, chia seeds, or turmeric for additional benefits in your favorite smoothie recipes.

3 key tips

1. Don't add too many ingredients to any smoothie you want to make for the best flavor.

2. use my perfect smoothie formula for great smoothies every single time.

3. always use a frozen ingredient for the best texture and flavor.


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