In and Out Burger

Lettuce Wraps (gluten free)

easy to make and better than the restaurant version these healthier In and Out Burger Wraps are perfect for year round indulgences!

step 1

Start by measuring out the ingredients listed. You'll find all the substitutions on the blog, along with tips and ideas.

step 2

Next dice up the onion to make caramelized onions. I love to make a double batch and freeze half for the next round of burgers.

step 3

Cook the onions over medium heat lowering to low heat to make the caramelized onions. Low and slow makes for the best tasting onions!

step 4

Next whisk together the burger sauce, slice the tomatoes, and slice the pickles as well. Set each one aside until serving.

step 5

Cut the iceberg lettuce into quarters, removing the inner section to create 'buns'. Or you can also stack leaf lettuce together as a wrap, or pile it all into a bowl as a burger salad.

step 6

Preheat a grill, griddle, or 2 skillets. Then form the beef patties into 4 equal portions. Evenly smear the yellow mustard on one side of each patty.

step 7

Cook the burger patties with the mustard side down for the initial sear. When you turn the patties, top with cheese and partially cover to finish cooking and help melt the cheese.

step 8

Assemble your burger to your liking and serve with the burger sauce as well as a side of fries if desired.

3 key tips

1. Don't rush the caramelized onions, that flavor is everything!

2. try piling this into a bowl as a 'salad' to avoid the mess of lettuce wraps.

3. Enjoy with a side of fries or grilled potatoes.


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