in and out burger

wraps with secret sauce

all the in and out flavors in a low carb lettuce wrap or burger bowl topped off with secret sauce!

step 1

start by mixing together the secret sauce. There's options in the recipe as well for how to make this sugar free!

step 2

Next prep all the burger ingredients. In and out burgers come with caramelized onions, but we skip this in the summer and grill them instead which is a time saver.

step 3

Next grill the burgers and sliced onions if you're not caramelizing them. Add the cheese after you've flipped the burgers.

step 4

serve everything family style so you can assemble your bunless burger or...

step 5

... you can pile it all into a bowl like a salad for a burger bowl experience instead.

step 6

finally it's time to load up on secret sauce and enjoy the amazing burger flavors!


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