Italian Sub lettuce

wraps with aioli

learn how to make lettuce wrap sandwiches in parchment paper for super easy and gluten free lunches.

step 1

We'll start by making a homemade pepperoncini aioli, or you can sub in your favorite mayo.

step 2

Next slice up the veggies and wash the lettuce leaves.

step 3

Now it's time to layer 5-6 lettuce leaves on a large sheet of parchment paper followed by you choices of meat(s) cheese, and aioli.

step 4

Then add the sliced veggies along with some avocado.

step 5

Next tuck both ends of the lettuce in then followed by the parchment paper before you begin to roll.

step 6

continue to roll to the end of the parchment paper, then slice the 'sandwich' in half and serve with extra pepperoncini aioli.


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