Kootenai Falls &

Swinging BRidge




3 key tips

1. take some time at the falls to really take it in, I love to sit nearby for a while and listen to the thunder.

2. pack a picnic, snacks, or beverages to enjoy by the view.

3. Visit early June for the most impact, but all year round is nice too.

the Kootenai falls swinging bridge is 210 feet across the river and suspended 100 feet above it!

Enjoy the views for all the different stops available along the way. This view is from a drone showing the whole falls.

scenic Overlook

Look for a safe place to sit on the rocks by the river and really take in the view as the water thunders over a 30 foot drop.

cross the Kootenai falls swinging bridge and explore a bit on the other side.

stop for a snack or souvenir at the concession stand at the head of the trail before heading to Glacier National Park.