no bake energy Bites

gluten free | vegan | 10 flavors

10 yummy flavors of these easy no bake energy bites means you'll never get bored! they kid friendly & perfect for meal prep.

step 1

Measure out the oats, nut butter, maple syrup or honey, and flax or chia seeds.

step 2

mix the ingredients together in a medium sized mixing bowl.

step 3

then add any mix-in's from the flavor you've choosen.

step 4

You'll find 10 different flavors to choose from Monster Cookie to cherry pie and blueberry muffin!

step 5

once you've added the mix-in's portion out the energy bites with a cookie scoop.

step 6

from there you can keep them in the fridge, or meal prep more of the 10 flavors to have on hand in the freezer.

then enjoy your healthy and super tasty dessert inspired snacks for months to come!

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