Salmon ChoWDEr

easy to make, this salmon chowder is perfect comfort food. packed with flavor and ultra creamy.

step 1

Start by measuring out all the ingredients. You'll find my substitutions on the blog.

step 2

Start by cooking the finely diced bacon over medium heat in a large pot, I like to use a large Dutch oven. Cook stirring as needed until the bacon is browned, and the fat renders out.

step 3

Add the chopped veggies to the pan with the bacon and continue to cook over medium or medium-low so the veggies soften without much browning.

step 4

Next add the potatoes, thyme, and broth. Stir to combine and bring the chowder to a boil. Reduce the heat and maintain a simmer until the potatoes are fully tender.

step 5

Scoop some of the cooked potatoes out of the pot and add them to a blender container. Don’t worry if you get some other things along with the potatoes.

step 6

When the potato mixture has been blended, set it aside and add the salmon to the pot. Cook just until the salmon starts to flake on the edges, remember it will continue to cook and you still need to season the soup!

step 7

Add the corn and blended potato mixture. Stir to combine, and when the salmon is done, season to taste with sea salt and pepper.

3 key tips

1. blending the potatoes works wonders for a thick and creamy chowder, don't skip it!

2. if fennel isn't easily available, omit it.

3. add freshly chopped chives for another topping.


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