summer antipasto

easy | Gluten free | healthy

super easy to make with just minutes of prep work and no cooking, this summer antipasto platter is perfect for entertaining, date nights, &picnics!

step 1

choose your favorite salami and cheeses for the platter. You'll find all my favorites in the recipe. I used prosciutto for the melon here with genoa salami and locally made cheeses.

step 2

Scoop out the seeds and Cut the cantaloupe slices at home if you're taking this for a picnic.

step 3

Use the ripest tomatoes you can find. I like a mix of colors when I can. for this platter I used a large heirloom tomato and orange sungolds.

step 4

choose your favorite berries and slice strawberries if you're using them. I used blackberries and huckleberries, but blueberries work well too.

step 5

assemble and enjoy! I made this one on the back of the tailgate while, and we enjoyed it with sunset river views!


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