Tomato Cream Sauce

Just 15 minutes!

quick and easy to make, this tomato cream sauce is the perfect indulgence and pairs with steak, chicken, seafood, pasta, and more!

step 1

prep all the ingredients listed, you'll find all my tips and substitutions over on the blog.

step 2

Start by finely dicing the onion and mincing the garlic. I like to use a garlic press to speed things up.

step 3

Next sauté the garlic and onion together with the olive oil in a large skillet (at least 10″) until tender and golden. Keep the heat low enough to allow the onion to soften without getting browned.

step 4

Then add the blended diced tomatoes along with the tomato paste. Mix to combine, then add the heavy cream and mix to combine again.

step 5

Simmer the sauce over low heat until the flavors are combined, about 8-10 minutes. Try not to stir the sauce much. The thinnest liquid rises to the top and creates a layer that helps to prevent splattering.

step 6

serve with fresh cooked pasta, vegetables, steak, pork, fish, chicken, or seafood.

3 key tips

1. if you serve this with pasta, try adding a handful of fresh chopped basil

2. add chicken or seafood to the pasta for more protein.

3. or serve this sauce with your favorite protein and vegetable sides.


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