Western Omelet chaffles


easy | gluten free | healthy

these chaffles are extra flavorful with all the western omelet toppings, they're the perfect gluten free savory breakfast or brunch.


step 1

Start by measuring out all the ingredients listed. You'll find all the substitutions and other options in the recipe on the blog.


step 2

Start by finely chopping the bell pepper, green onions and ham. I like to use lunchmeat because it's so easy to chop up.


step 3

Grate the cheese, then whisk together the eggs with sea salt and pepper until thoroughly combine.


step 4

Next mix in the bell pepper, green onion, ham and cheese. Or you can just mix in the cheese and keep the bell pepper, green onions, and ham for the topping, full details on the blog.


step 5

Cook the chaffle mixture in a well greased waffle iron until golden brown and just done.


Serve the finished chaffles with sliced avocados if desired and enjoy!

3 key tips

1. use the toppings option if you don't have removable plates in your waffle iron.

2. try using this recipe with your favorite omelet fillings.

3. check out the brunch options on the blog for entertaining tips!


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