15 Adult Lunchables

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Just a few minutes of prep work to have healthy Adult Lunchables ready to go! You’ll find all my tips for how to keep ingredients around so you’re always just minutes away from having a healthy lunch for everything from work to weekend fun.


step 1

Start by choosing a combination of meat, cheese, veggies, fruit, and crackers. You'll find all my seasonal suggestions + 15 combos on the blog.


step 2

To prep this recipe for lunches, start by adding the lunchmeat and cheese to one side of a container.


step 3

On the other side add the fresh fruits and veggies of your choice. You’ll find seasonal options and 15 flavor combinations on the blog.


step 4

Portion out your crackers in a separate container so they stay crisp. I use the 1/4 cup Mason jars that perfectly fit our favorite crackers.


step 5

Add the lids to your Lunchable containers and refrigerate for 3-4 days. These are so quick and easy to make you can easily assemble them fresh daily.


step 6

Enjoy your super easy and healthy lunch at work or take them on your favorite weekend & traveling adventures!

3 key tips

1. Use my budget tips for buying lunchmeat or make your own for healthier lunchables.

2. Be sure to try all 15 flavor combinations so you never run out of lunch ideas.

3. follow the seasonal tips to keep these budget friendly.


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