Avocado Egg Salad


dairy free + no mayo option

the classic egg salad made with avocado for a ultra creamy and satisfying lunch!


step 1

Start by measuring out the ingredients listed. You'll find all my tips and substitutions over on the blog. First we'll make hard boiled eggs, I love the instant Pot because the eggs are so easy to peel.


step 2

Next cool the eggs in an ice bath for 10 minutes before peeling and rinsing the eggs to remove any extra shell bits.


step 3

finally mix together the chopped hard boiled eggs with the avocado dressing and a touch of minced onion.


step 4

Garnish with sliced avocado and serve as desired. It's perfect over lettuce or in a sandwich.


Or try serving it over sweet potato toast with pea shoots on top and maybe even some bacon bits!

3 key tips

1. try this for lunch over a bed of mixed greens.

2. try using an instant pot if you have one to make the eggs easy to peel.

3. bacon bits are really tasty with this egg salad.


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