best breakfast casserole

(sausage and hashbrowns)

absolutely loaded with goodness, this breakfast casserole made with sausage and hashbrowns is a household favorite for all occasions.

step 1

Start by prepping the ingredients listed, you'll find all substitutions and make-ahead options on the blog including dairy-free & Whole30.

step 2

Prep all of the veggies. I usually use jarred roasted peppers. If you use fresh bell peppers, sauté them briefly with the sausage or bacon.

step 3

Next we're going to sauté your meat of choice in a large skillet. In this particular batch, I used a mix of sausage and bacon. You really can't go wrong with either one or a mix of both!

step 4

After the sausage/bacon is done, add the hashbrowns without draining off any grease. The grease will help you to brown the hash browns.

step 5

When the hash browns and cooked and browned, add the spinach, green onion, and bell pepper to the pan. Cook briefly just to lightly wilt the spinach.

step 6

Transfer the sausage hash brown mixture to a well-greased 9" x 13" baking dish. Or follow the make-ahead option and let cool.

step 7

In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, salt and pepper, and milk of choice until well combined.

step 8

Pour the egg mixture over the sausage hash brown mixture into the casserole dish. Add the optional cheese if desired and stir just enough to distribute the goodies through the egg mixture.

step 9

Bake the egg casserole until puffed in the center and done. Serve hot out of the oven. Let the casserole cool to just warm if you want to portion it out for meal prep.

3 key tips

1. try this recipe with different kinds of sausage like chorizo, or a mix of sausage and bacon.

2. make this a showstopper brunch with the different ways to serve this on the blog.

3. use my grated potato variation for a budget-friendly option to frozen hashbrowns.


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