garlic herb chicken

and asparagus

Quick and easy to make this garlic herb chicken and asparagus is the perfect healthy dinner or meal prep for grab and go lunches.

step 1

Start by measuring out the ingredients listed. You'll find all the substitutions on the blog, along with tips.

step 2

Start by mixing together the garlic, herbs, and olive oil together in a small bowl. This creates a flavorful sauce for the chicken and asparagus.

step 3

Next place the chicken thighs and asparagus on a parchment lined baking sheet and divide the garlic herb sauce evenly over them. You'll find tips on the blog for how to cook the veggies and chicken evenly.

step 4

mix the cauliflower rice together with the olive oil and seasonings on a 2nd parchment lined baking sheet.

step 5

bake according to instructions, then serve right away with lemon wedges if you're making this as dinner.

step 6

Or you can cool the sheet pans until warm, then portion out the chicken, asparagus, and cauliflower rice into 4 containers. Top with lemon wedges and refrigerate.

3 key tips

1. Try this recipe with either broccoli or green beans to keep it seasonal.

2. try my mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower in place of the cauli rice to mix things up.

3. follow the tips for cooking the asparagus, that way it will come out perfect.


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