Grilled Vegetables

(Easy + 5 sauces!)

incredibly easy and a great crowd-pleaser, these grilled vegetables are perfect as they are or with any of the 5 sauce recipes included!

step 1

Start by choosing the veggies you'd like to grill. You'll find all the substitutions on the blog, along with tips and lots of ideas + 5 sauces.

step 2

Next prep your veggies accordingly. You'll find everything you need in the recipe. Some veggies can remain whole like mushrooms, and others need to be sliced like onions and zucchini.

step 3

Next mix together the minced garlic and olive oil to brush over the veggies while the grill preheats.

step 4

Grill the veggies until just tender. As they finish cooking, pile them onto a platter, then serve them all together with your favorite sauce and a grilled protein.

3 key tips

1. try grilling just 2-3 veggies for simple family dinners.

2. Add your choice of meat to the grill as well and make it a meal with my Basil aioli.

3. Try all 5 different sauces listed and find your favorite.


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