Pumpkin Chai Latte


(dairy free & vegan)

better than Starbucks, this pumpkin chai latte is easy to make with no refined sugar, dairy-free, and vegan as well!


step 1

Start by measuring out the ingredients listed. You'll find all the substitutions on the blog, along with tips and lots of ideas. canned coconut milk is my favorite here.


step 2

Start by mixing together the chai tea and maple syrup until no lumps remain. I like to use authentic Indian chai tea which is loose rather than tea bags. Then mix in the pumpkin


step 3

Next whisk the milk in a little at a time until it’s combined. You’ll notice if you use loose Indian chai spices the spices will float on the top before it’s heated.


step 4

Heat the mixture stirring occasionally for about 10 minutes over medium to medium-low heat to allow the spices to steep. You can also use a hand held frother.


step 5

Serve the pumpkin chai latte as is or go all out with whipped cream topping and drizzle of my Coconut Caramel Sauce.

3 key tips

1. use my coconut whipped cream and vegan caramel for dairy free/vegan lattes.

2. make sure you use pumpkin puree not pumpkin pie filling.e

3. sweeten to your taste, that way your latte will be perfect.


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