Slow Cooker

pot roast

easy to make this slow cooker pot roast is the perfect family meal that's naturally gluten free and kid friendly!

step 1

Start by prepping all the ingredients for the pot roast. You can use a mix of red wine and broth, or just beef broth.

step 2

Next sear the chuck roast in a skillet over medium high heat. This step adds so much extra flavor!

step 3

Then add the seared roast to the slow cooker bowl. Briefly sauté the onion and garlic in the same skillet as the roast, then add the red wine or broth to deglaze and scrape up the browned bits.

step 4

Finally add the carrots, potatoes, and fresh sprigs of thyme and rosemary before setting the slow cooker to cook for the day.

step 5

When the cooking time is done and the beef roast is tender, remove the sprigs of herbs and serve. You can garnish with more fresh herbs and make gravy for an extra special meal.

3 key tips

1. A chuck roast makes the best most tender beef.

2. Low and slow is the best way to tenderize a roast, so I don't recommend the high setting if possible.

3. Check out my gluten free gravy or paleo gravy with this recipe, so yummy!


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