Turkey Taco Salad


Just 15 minutes!

Easy to make with dairy-free and corn-free options, this healthy Turkey Taco Salad is a guaranteed family hit for dinner!


step 1

prep all the ingredients listed, you'll find all my tips and substitutions over on the blog. You'll also find tips for how to mix and match, no need to use every single ingredient listed!


step 2

I like to start by making the cilantro dressing in the blender. That way the flavors have a bit of time to develop while you make the salad. Or make my salsa dressing.


step 3

Next chop up the romaine into bite-sized pieces. Wash the lettuce and spin it dry in a salad spinner.


step 4

Then halve or quarter your cherry tomatoes into bite-sized pieces. You can use regular tomatoes as well chopped up, but cherry tomatoes are the most reliable for the best flavor.


step 5

Finely dice the onion, and thinly slice the jalapeno if you’re using it. Then prep any other ingredients you're using as well.


step 6

When all the ingredients are prepped, break up the ground turkey in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Then add taco seasoning. Cook stirring to combine, add a bit of water if necessary.


step 7

Serve everything family style so each person can mix and match to create their ideal taco salad.


step 8

Or toss the salad ingredients together in a very large serving bowl and serve with the dressing.


Or follow my meal prep instructions for how to make this Turkey Taco Salad into mason salad jars.

3 key tips

1. You can also make this taco salad with ground beef.

2. Use whatever ingredients you like, or add anything you want that you don't see listed.

3. try this salad with my optional salsa dressing for a change.


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