antipasto platter

gluten free | easy | no cooking!

easiest ever recipe with no cooking involved, this antipasto platter is perfect for new years, date nights in, and entertaining of all kinds!

step 1

start by making the olive oil marinade, this makes all the veggies and fresh mozzarella taste so much better and sets this antipasto platter apart.

step 2

next marinate the veggies you've chosen along with the fresh mozzarella balls also called bocconcini or mozzarella pearls.

step 3

make the optional caprese skewers. You can use cherry tomatoes or any other options in the recipe.

step 4

assemble everything you'll need to make a large board/platter. I like to put the veggies and jams in small bowls and the cheeses on a small wooden cutting board.

step 5

arrange everything onto a very large board or multiple serving platters and add your choice of crackers and/or focaccia and sourdough.

3 key tips

1. marinate the veggies and mozzarella ahead of time.

2. prep the platter(s) up to 4 hours ahead of time for easy entertaining.

3. make a smaller amount for easy date nights at home.


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