Whole30 Dinner Recipes


Easy & Family Friendly

Easy to make, these Whole30 Dinner Recipes have flavors the whole family will love. They're naturally gluten free, dairy free, packed with veggies & protein. There's Italian, Mexican, & Asian recipes.


one pot wonders

super easy weeknight dinners like my Egg Roll Bowls come together so fast and everyone loves them! As a bonus, any leftovers are great packed for lunch.


comfort food

enjoy creamy comfort food options like my Tuscan chicken or creamy garlic chicken.


healthy takeout

super easy and better than takeout, you'll find lots of options from my easy ground beef stir fry to this Pineapple fried cauliflower rice.


cozy soups

there are plenty of cozy soups where you can make enough for 2 nights or have leftovers to pack for whol30 lunches.


fresh dinner salads

enjoy fresh dinner salads that will keep you full and will satisfy with sweet savory and creamy combos


make ahead

There are also plenty of meal prep options you can make ahead of time for nights when you don't feel like cooking like this slow cooker chipotle chicken that freezes well.

3 key tips

1. Follow the dairy free tips in the recipes that call for butter during a Whole30

2. prep ahead for success, meal plan and prep each week.

3. make sure to pick a variety of recipes to keep from getting bored during your whole30.


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