Homemade Honey Lavender Lip Balm

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Homemade Honey Lavender Lip Balm | Get Inspired Everyday!

I love making lip balms because they’re the perfect balance between a chapstick and a lip gloss. Don’t get me wrong there’s definitely a place and use for all 3, but lip balms are my most used lip product.

They have plenty of deep conditioning properties, but they leave a nice gloss behind as well. In the depths of winter you might be better off with the really intense conditioning of a chapstick. But for most of the year, lip balms are my favorite.

Homemade Honey Lavender Lip Balm | Get Inspired Everyday!

I hope you’ll feel free to change up the different scents in this recipe because you could really use any essential oil you’d like. Since it’s still technically summer and I have an abundance of lavender, that’s the direction I went today.

Honey and lavender are great together and this lip balm smells like a dream. And even better it leaves my lips soft and nicely conditioned, because let’s face it… even when you do you best to stay hydrated, sometimes it gets away from you, and that’s where lip balm comes in!

Homemade Honey Lavender Lip Balm | Get Inspired Everyday!

This recipe is easy to make, you simply melt everything together in a small saucepan. Then there’s one easy but crucial step to make sure it emulsifies. Since this recipe contains honey, it’s essential after the ingredients have been melted together to whisk the lip balm over an ice bath until it thickens. This ensures that the honey emulsifies into the lip balm. Without the ice bath step, it will separate into a chapstick layer with a honey layer on the bottom.

Homemade Honey Lavender Lip Balm | Get Inspired Everyday!

For this reason, I like to portion out this lip balm into small containers as opposed to chapstick tubes. Since you can’t pour it into the containers in liquid form, you want to use a small container you can spoon it into.

Homemade Honey Lavender Lip Balm | Get Inspired Everyday!
Homemade Honey Lavender Lip Balm | Get Inspired Everyday!

This recipe is quite small, but it still makes 6-8 lip balms. Since it will keep for quite a few weeks, you can easily use a couple, and the rest make for great gifts!

Homemade Honey Lavender Lip Balm:


2 Tablespoons coconut oil

2 Tablespoons jojoba oil

1 Tablespoon + 1 Teaspoon grated beeswax, 4 grams

2 Teaspoons honey

10 drops lavender essential oil, or to your smell preference


In a small saucepan melt together the coconut oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, and honey over medium heat until the beeswax has completely liquified.

When the lip balm is melted, remove it from the heat, stir in the lavender essential oil, and set it aside.

In a large bowl, add 2-3 cups of ice cubes and fill the bowl halfway with water.  Place the saucepan over the ice bath and stir vigorously with a spatula until it becomes thick, but not solid, (be careful not to splash any water from the ice bath into the lip balm). Don’t worry if you over chill the lip balm, simply remove it from the ice bath and wait for it to warm up enough that it’s no longer solid.

When the lip balm has become thick and emulsified, remove it from the ice bath, and portion it into 6-8 small containers of your choice. I used small containers about 1″ wide by 1″ deep.

These lip balms will keep 4-6 weeks.

12 thoughts on “Homemade Honey Lavender Lip Balm”

  1. I have a question. I am a COMPLETE newbie to essential oils. But they are not sold around food items. Therefore, I struggle with understanding how it can be safe to use in products that go on your mouth, such as chapstick. Thanks in advance for clarification!!

    • You are right that essential oils aren’t sold around food items, however there are many essential oils that are considered ‘safe’ for homemade cosmetics like lip balm. Also you’ll find essential oils in the ingredient list of most natural store bought lip balms. I’ll include a couple of links to articles for more things to keep in mind. Each individual is different with different needs, skin conditions, etc. So there’s just too much to include in 1 short answer! Lavender essential oil is generally considered very safe when diluted like in this recipe. I hope this helps!

    • The 4-6 weeks listed for storage is just on the safe side for optimal freshness. Essential oils do fade over time with this lip balm, and oil can go rancid depending on how fresh it was to begin with. All that being said I have kept these for 3 months before just fine, (although we also live in a colder climate which also affects how long it keeps).

  2. This came out awesome and its sweet tasting too.. Its my very first time making a hundred percent organic products and the best part is that I could make one for each of my 4 adult kids and my 4 grandchildren. Knowing that its good for them makes it all worth it..thanks Lisa

    • I think it would be ok, but to be on the safe side, I’d follow the base recipe for my Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm which has shea butter in it and is firmer. You don’t need to add the optional beet root powder, and then just use whatever essential oil you’d like. I hope this helps and definitely let me know which way you go!

  3. Kari, this is amazing lip balm! I didn’t have any lavender essential oil, but I did have peppermint! It feels great on my lips and it was so quick and easy to make!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and it definitely doesn’t matter which essential oil you use as long as you love the smell!


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