50 Easy Summer Grilling Recipes

I’ve put together some of our all time favorites with these 50 Easy Summer Grilling Recipes. There’s everything from big dinner salads to easy entrees, and even my favorite summer dessert from the grill!

50 Easy Summer Grilling Recipes | Get Inspired Everyday!
Balsamic Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

We don’t get a lot of intense summer heat here this far north in Montana. But there does come a time every year around the beginning of July where I just don’t want to turn the stove on anymore. This usually lasts 4-6 weeks maximum, and we grill pretty much every single meal!

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Summer Strawberry Kombucha Mocktail

This Summer Strawberry Kombucha Mocktail is the perfect pairing with anything grilled all summer long. With 1 taste, you’ll have found your perfect patio sipper that’s perfectly refreshing for those hot sunny days.

Summer Strawberry Kombucha Mocktail | Get Inspired Everyday!

It’s a perfect 75ºF, and I’m sitting on our patio with this Summer Strawberry Kombucha Mocktail in hand trying to come with some proper words to tell you all about them! Sometimes the words come fast with too much to say. But in times like this, I wish I could just hand you a glass and let the flavors explain themselves.

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Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

These Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Muffins are perfect year round, but especially in the summer when there’s tons of zucchini! They’re perfectly moist, fudgy, and both freezer and kid friendly too.

Paleo Chocolate Zucchini Muffins | Get Inspired Everyday!

Are you looking for recipes to use zucchini? I sure hope so because these chocolate-y muffins are perfect for that. I planted 4 zucchini plants this summer, so I’m prepared to be overrun about halfway through July. But for now, I’m just super excited about the little tiny zucchini already growing!

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Easy Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad

This Easy Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad has become a classic in our family over the years because it’s so incredibly good! It’s packed with fresh produce, and the perfect thing to make during the hottest days of summer.

Easy Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad | Get Inspired Everyday!

I’ve been making variations of this Vietnamese Noodle Salad for over a decade now. We never get tired of these vibrant flavors, and it doesn’t hurt it’s so easy to make as well. It features some of the best early summer produce, and you’ll find it on our table most weeks.

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Hiking Mount Fairview in Banff National Park

We had a fantastic fall day Hiking Mount Fairview in Banff National Park. The larches were in full color and as we climbed upwards we ran into some snow dusting that made the views even better.

Hiking Mount Fairview in Banff National Park | Get Inspired Everyday!

Mount Fairview is aptly named as you’re most definitely going to see some really ‘fair views’. We had previously done Mount St. Piran, (twice actually) which is the mountain across on the other side of Lake Louise. But it looked like the views from Fairview would be quite a bit different. So we decided to give it a go since it would be overlooking a lot of The Plain of 6 Glaciers area.

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