Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole baked and sliced for serving.

This Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole is loaded with goodies and so easy to make! It’s perfect for everything from meal prepping, to holiday and weekend breakfasts. There’s even an overnight make ahead option as well to make this recipe even easier.

Loaded overnight breakfast casserole in a white baking dish cut into slices.

This is one of those recipes that just makes life easier all around. The inspiration for it came from my sister-in-law’s mom. She often makes a recipe for a breakfast bake that’s commonly called a ‘wife saver’ although I think it has other names as well. The whole premise behind the ‘wife saver’ is the casserole is assembled the night before.

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Double Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies

Double chocolate cookies on parchment paper.

These Double Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies are flourless and perfectly fudgy. They’re naturally gluten free, dairy free, and paleo as well. They’re a huge hit with everyone, and make a perfect homemade gift!

Chocolate cookies laid out on parchment paper.

We’ve been making these chocolate cookies for over 6 years now. And I have to say they’re still just as big of a hit as they were the first time I made them. They’ve been my go-to when I need a super easy cookie in a hurry because you can mix them together in just minutes!

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The Best Paleo Pumpkin Pie

Finished photo of the pumpkin pie with slices and whipped cream.

After much testing I’ve finally arrived at this recipe for The Best Paleo Pumpkin Pie. It’s also gluten free and dairy free as well. It’s naturally sweetened with maple syrup, and the filling is the perfect silky texture. This pumpkin pie also comes with a recipe for the flakiest paleo pie crust I’ve ever made too!

Sliced Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream on each slice!

It’s finally here! The much requested recipe for Paleo Pumpkin Pie. I’ve tested and retested to get the perfect flaky paleo pie crust along with a silky smooth pumpkin filling. And you’ll find all my tips and tricks below that really make this the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had!

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Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole

Fully caramelized pecan topping on the sweet potato casserole.

This Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole is made just like the classic version but without any refined sugar. It’s also gluten free, dairy free, and way tastier than the original. It’s topped with a caramelized pecan topping, lightly scented with cinnamon, and the creamy mashed potato bottom will keeping you coming back for more.

Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole | Get Inspired Everyday!

Did you grow up eating sweet potato casserole during the holidays? Tyler and I were talking about it the other day, and we both realized neither one of us ever had sweet potato casserole on the table growing up. In fact I don’t think either one of us even tried a sweet potato until we were adults.

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Homemade Maple Ice Cream

Homemade Maple Ice Cream | Get Inspired Everyday!
Homemade Maple Ice Cream | Get Inspired Everyday!

This Homemade Maple Ice Cream is my first choice to pair with my favorite holiday desserts. It’s so perfect with apple pie or crisp, pecan pie, or the traditional pumpkin pie.

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