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Hi, my name is Kari and my husbands name is Tyler. We’re so happy you’ve found your way to Get Inspired Everyday! We hope you’ll find some inspiration with healthy recipes, outdoor travel, and clean skin care DIY recipes.

Tyler is Canadian born and I’ve lived in Montana my whole life. We now both reside in Montana, even though the immigration process when we were first married took years before we could settle down together.

During that time, we had to live on opposite sides of the border, and so we ended up spending lots of time traveling through the Rocky Mountains from Jasper, Alberta down through Montana.

Whatever adventure we might be in the middle of, food has always been the constant for us. Whether we spent the day traveling, or just playing catchup around the house, the day is going to end with some good food for sure!

Tyler & Kari standing in a waterfall in Glacier National Park
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You’ll find all sorts of easy gluten free real food recipes here on the blog. Most of my recipes are also Paleo friendly, with lots of Whole30 inspiration as well. We focus on easy dinners, but you’ll find plenty of snacks, healthy treats, side dishes, and breakfast recipes too. We also have a large section of meal prep recipes that help us stay on track with healthy veggie filled eating, and we hope this resource will help you as well.

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Kari taking a photo of a Glacier in Iceland

On the travel section you’ll find lots of outdoor travel, especially in National Parks. We live minutes from Glacier National Park, and so we hope to inspire you to get out and explore as well. Even when we travel overseas, you’ll still find us in the mountains. So we hope you’ll enjoy the stunning views as well as handy tips for planning your next trip! Finally, the newest thing you’ll find here are some backcountry and camp cooking tips.

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Homemade Lavender Lip Balm

Over in the lifestyle part of the blog, you’ll find mainly DIY recipes for clean skin care. There’s everything from easy sugar scrubs, face masks, homemade body wash, lip balms, to tutorials for how to do an at home facial like you’d find in a spa. You’ll also find some how-to’s for meal prepping from seasonal inspiration, to how to meal prep snacks. These go hand in hand with the meal prepping recipes in the food section. 

Farmer's Market Abundance

Our Food Philosophy…

We often get asked what kind of ‘diet’ we follow? And the answer is we focus on as many veggies as possible with real food. If you had to put a label on it, we eat mostly Paleo, which we’ve taken to calling Paleo-ish!

One of the great things about the Paleo diet is the focus on real food with no processed ingredients. However we’re both beyond fond of cheese which isn’t in the Paleo lineup, and so we just call our diet ‘veggie focused’.

It can be hard to ‘know how to eat’ in this day and age with so much confusion. But one thing we started noticing as a theme is any expert you hear talking about different diets all agree on 1 thing… and you guessed it – we should all be eating more veggies!

We try to support our local farmers with their amazing produce for a few reasons. One reason is that local produce tastes so much better, and it then becomes easy to eat more veggies. Then there are the ‘local’ and ‘sustainability’ aspects that we love. And finally, when you’re acquainted with the farmer you’re buying from, you know more about exactly how your food was grown!

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Easy Gluten Free Summer Cheese Board | Get Inspired Everyday!
Pesto Pasta Salad on top of the world | Get Inspired Everyday!
Paleo Honey Mustard Trail Mix | Get Inspired Everyday!

Thanks so much for stopping by…

… and we hope you’ll leave us a comment below! Whether you’re looking for recipe inspiration for your everyday life, or for food on-the-go, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Most days we’re making these recipes for a regular ‘Tuesday night dinner’, but these recipes also come with us on our weekend adventures and travels as well. Pictured above there’s my Easy Gluten Free Summer Cheese Board taken along as a picnic. Next in line is my Grilled Summer Veggie Pesto Pasta Salad on a mountain top with some cute ‘wildlife’ trying to steal some. And finally there’s my Paleo Honey Mustard Trail Mix being enjoyed as a snack while we sat on the shores of the Lake of Hanging Glaciers. So I hope you’ll find some new favorite recipes for all aspects of you life as well!

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  1. Hi there! I came across your blog while researching healthy samosa alternatives. This brought me to your samosa twice baked potato recipe, which sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try it out. I was wondering if I could use your photo for this, give you credit and share your recipe in our healthy indian swaps handout. I a currently interning as a dietetic intern at a gym. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in and okay with. Thank you!

    • Hi Danielle, I hope you enjoy the Samosa Baked Potatoes, and you’re definitely welcome to use my recipe and photo in a handout. I’d only ask it’s not used in a commercial way or in any way that’s charged for! Thanks, and let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. I’m glad I found your blog. I’m a fellow Montanan and your recipes look delicious, I can’t wait to try them. At 67 I am just starting healthier eating habits so will be eager to try your recipes.

    • Always glad to say hi to a fellow Montanan! I sure hope you find some new favorites, and be to let me know if you have any questions about the recipes!

  3. I like your recipe for curry chicken with butternut squash.
    Looks delicious and nutritious. . Visit Montana many moons ago
    And have say it was spectacular. This is someone who lives in NY.
    Rob M.

  4. I visited Glacier when I was in the Army (and to young to appreciate Glacier) We could only spend 1&1/2 days there. All my life I remember Montana and always wanted to go back. I have traveled in the Alps & Rockies but Glacier stands out. I’m 80 now and don’t get around easy. I am determined to go back very soon. Do they have tour for Seniors? Thank you for the article you wrote.

    • Montana has a special place in my heart too, and I hope you enjoy your visit here. I do know they usually run tours through the park service in what everyone calls the red buses. They’re open topped, and they stop at the scenic lookouts. I’m not sure they’re running this year due to current world events, but check with their website when you do plan on coming!


  5. I am an 80 year old grandmother who is planning to take three 13 year-olds to Yellowstone National Park next June 2020. I am preparing a travel booklet for them for Christmas. Your photo of Fountain Painted Pots is unbelievable as are all your photos. Would you grant me permission to use that photo in my booklet/ It is a love present from Grammy. Thanking you in advance

    • Yes you can definitely use my photo for your Christmas present, and I sure hope you all have the most wonderful visit to Yellowstone!

  6. Hi Kari!

    I’m not even sure how I found your site … a rabbit hole I’m sure … but there is one word that always gets my attention on a site and that’s “inspiration.” And when I clicked on your inspiration and read, “travel and food are essentially one thing. We travel to eat more good food,” I knew I’d need to spend more time here! My daughter and I travel exactly the same: espresso before all else, then restaurants and then adventure. We did her 2 week spring break in Europe exactly like that and I highly recommend it. That said, I can’t wait to dig into your recipes and your adventures. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m so glad you found us and I really do hope you find some inspiration here! And I love the way you travel, definitely espresso before all else, unless I’m in the wilderness, then I ‘settle’ for pour over coffee which is hardly settling at all since it always tastes amazing when you’re outdoors!

  7. Hi Kari, I found you looking for Rosemary almonds. No, I found YOU looking for rosemary almonds. I found you while I was looking for rosemary almonds. We love them, but they are so expensive, I wanted to make them for myself. So thank you!
    Question: Do you entertain? I am looking for healthy, inexpensive meals for the college group of 20-30 from church we host for dinner and bible study every Monday. These kids are hungry. And most live on campus nearby, so are very thankful for each home-cooked meal. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    • I’m so glad you found my website and I really hope you enjoy the Rosemary Almonds! I do entertain, but usually not for 20-30, however these are my favorite budget friendly things to make – veggie meat stew with potatoes – spaghetti, (can be gluten free) – thai curry with steamed rice – anything Mexican inspired like rice and bean bowls with either sausage or chicken added in and all the toppings or tacos of any kind – I also like to do taco bowls with rice as a base or sweet potatoes in the winter months. I hope this helps you out a bit, and be sure and let me know how the almonds go or what you’ve been making!

    • That depends on a number of factors, but what usually happens is the oils start to go rancid which you can usually smell. How long a homemade lip balm will keep also depends on the average temperature, the hotter the weather the quicker the oils will start to go rancid. I hope this helps, and be sure to let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I am trying your Oatmeal Cleanse/Scrub recipe. My husband and I just bought a Komo,(online), mill to make our own flour for bread, make our own pasta, or any grains you can think of, and grind our own oats. We go to a store that offers only Organic non GMO grains from local farms.

    When I ground the Oat groats, there is a bit of fine oatmeal that comes out of the mill that I do not use to cook. So I saved it and thought about using it for a mask. I went online and your site came up! I make Oatmeal frequently during the week.

    So I really do love my mill. Eating healthy and more delicious fresh grains, than even buying ready made flour in a store. And now I can even get healthier skin with my mill and your site.



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