Cooling Aloe Mint Lotion

A lotion pump on a white background with two hands pumping out lotion.

This Cooling Aloe Mint Lotion is my most popular lotion recipe for a good reason, it’s so moisturizing! It’s all thanks to a lot of aloe vera gel for hydrating combined with coconut oil for conditioning and moisturizing the skin. It’s an easy to make DIY that you can customize by changing up the essential oil to suit different seasons. This homemade lotion is easily absorbable with so much aloe vera in it, and keeps my skin nice and smooth.

A lotion pump bottle with two hands pumping lotion and mint sprigs alongside.

This lotion is perfect for summertime, or after excercising because of the ‘cooling effect’ from the aloe and mint. It’s particularly awesome after a long day on your feet. And I really love it massaged into my legs and feet after a day hiking in the mountains. With warmer temperatures, I like to use a light moisturizer, and the cooling effect is an added bonus.

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Refreshing Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Sugar Scrub in a glass jar on a white background with mint springs around it.

This Refreshing Peppermint Sugar Scrub is one of the easiest homemade skin care recipes you can make with just 3 ingredients! It’s both moisturizing and exfoliating, and it makes a wonderful homemade gift as well. It keeps for months in a tightly sealed container and can be customized to whatever essential oils you love as well. The peppermint is extra refreshing during the warmer months, but any essential oil works here.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub in a glass jar on a white background with mint springs around it.

Sugar scrubs are one of my favorite remedies to rough/dry winter skin. I always have the best of intentions going into winter that I’m actually going to moisturize everyday. But life gets busy, and it ends up being more like once a month instead of everyday.

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Easy Buttercream Lotion

Buttercream Lotion in a glass pump bottle on a wooden cutting board with two hands pumping lotion out.

This Easy Buttercream Lotion is a super simple homemade moisturizer with a lovely vanilla smell. It’s the perfect all body moisturizer with a high proportion of aloe vera gel for extra hydration. The avocado or jojoba oil sinks into your skin well and there’s a touch of coconut oil too for deep moisturizing. This easy DIY is perfect for at home spa days and as a homemade gift.

Easy Buttercream Lotion in a glass bottle on a wooden board with white flowers on the side and two hands pushing lotion from the pump handle.

This is my favorite all-purpose lotion! It’s a mid-weight lotion that works well throughout the seasons, and it really moisturizes my skin without being greasy. I’ve been using it for many years (at least 15 years now!) since I first discovered that my skin hates almost any product I’ve ever purchased.

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Lemon Cream Body Butter

Lemon Cream Body Butter in a small jar on a marble surface with lemon slices around it.

This Lemon Cream Body Butter is my favorite way to keep my skin nice and smooth through the dry winter months! It’s a super easy DIY all natural skin care recipe that comes together in just minutes. It keeps well for months and makes the perfect homemade gift as well.

A jar of Lemon Cream Body Butter on a marble background with lemon slices around it.

This body butter is an all time most popular recipe! And for good reason, because it’s easy to make and works wonders on the skin! Usually body butters take forever to sink in and leave my skin semi-oily. But this body butter absorbs quickly and leaves my skin super soft.

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How To Maintain Living Herbs

How to maintain living herbs, plus 3 mason jars of basil on a white background.

I’ve put together all my best tips and tricks in this guide for How To Maintain Living Herbs for months at a time! Plus you’ll find lots of recipe inspiration below as well for how to use them.

Three mason jars with living basil on a white countertop.

Living herbs are a great way to have more fresh herbs available without so much waste. It seems every time I buy a package of basil, it turns brown within a couple of days. (Maybe it’s because we live up north and our produce isn’t always the freshest – who knows?)

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